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About Us

The motto of “ The Grand Fashion Icon” is to explore the strength of looks and soul of beauty. While looking at images of the world’s most impeccably dressed women & men is certainly the express lane to fashion inspiration, style is sometimes as much about intellectualization as it is about aesthetic appeal. A witty quip about one’s wardrobe or a pithy summarization about shoes can go a long way—especially when uttered by a fashion visionary like Brandwatch Communications. Bearing this in mind, we’ve rounded up your favorite style icons have shared over the years, so join us and get ready for some serious inspiration.


BRANDWATCH COMMUNICATIONS is India’s one of the biggest 360 degree group of the companies. The company deals with a varied range of products like GPS, VTS, software & Security system, Real Estate, Devotional Television “Tulsi TV” and entertainment industry.

It’s also a Fashion and Beauty event organizing company, engaging a variety of organizations, institutions and enterprises in diverse industry. We strive to deliver significant advantages and value to our models and designers and other stakeholders through innovative services and flexible solutions to fulfill their aspirations.

We are the top beauty and fashion event organizing brand in India with its unique expertise in this field. we are the leading promoters in fashion and entertainment event marketing and management.

Brandwatch Communications has been conceived and created with a vision to “Redefine the future of fashion and Integrate India into the global fashion world.

Brandwatch Communications is dedicated to facilitating a gateway to the fashion world for young and enthusiastic models and designers. We offer solutions that seamlessly connect and associate fashion’s key constituents and corporate brands using our resources, influence and expertise. Within the fashion industry Brandwatch Communications represents the India’s top models, leading designers and the most influential celebrities and experts from the industry. The division produces the leading fashion events around the India and represents many of the industry’s top organizations creating regional and international fashion platforms.